27 November 2016
Could a foreign firm speak for a shipping nation? premium
Most people would agree that a butcher sells meat, but should not be in charge in formulating meat quality rules and controlling them. This would present a conflict of interest – and it might get people ill. Yet, this is exactly what happens in shipping. Global rules for shipping are made by the International Maritime […]
17 November 2016
No more beach parties for shipping premium
Last month was not a particularly good month for Maersk. It lost millions of dollars, got a downgrade from rating agencies, but possibly more important, it was haunted by scandals related to the scrapping of its old ships. Long considered shipping’s leader in corporate social responsibility, the emperor suddenly seemed to have no cloths. But […]
4 November 2016
Shipping’s climate roadmap: an abject failure? premium
Again one of those weeks when shipping holds its breath. Last week, the Marine Environment Protection Committee of the IMO took place, MEPC for insiders. This resulted in good and clear decisions on sulphur and NOx, but the outcome on greenhouse gas emissions got mixed reviews. Some called it a historical milestone, others an abject […]
25 October 2016
Shipping: urgently in need of a carbon strategy premium
Shipping does not get good press. The general public only hears about us when there is a disaster, is a favourite riddle at shipping conferences, often followed by: media do not report enough about the great and silent work of transporting 90% of world trade. If only things were so simple. These days, we hear […]
13 October 2016
Shipping: the male chauvinist pig of global industries? premium
Difficult not to get distracted this week. What did he say, did he grope, who gave up on him and what is actually going on in today’s locker rooms? More fundamentally, is the simultaneous outrage and tacit acceptance of sexual assault banter part of a bigger story on current society? And, if so, what does […]
10 October 2016
Maritime transport: does the EU have a clue? premium
Two key documents on maritime transport in Europe in two weeks; and one question that emerges: does the EU know what it is doing, or is it just clueless? The first report is by the European Court of Auditors. Its title reads “In troubled waters“, a thinly concealed hint at the nature of recent EU […]
2 October 2016
Shipping’s carbon emissions: time for smart regionalism? premium
Global solutions for a global industry, is one of the standard phrases in the shipping representative’s phrase book. Easy enough. No particular understanding or inspiration is needed; whatever the situation or proposal, the answer can always be the same: the global nature of shipping requires intervention at the global level. Or, slightly differently: we need […]
21 September 2016
Container shipping: in need of a few shades of grey premium
Container transport is a colourful business. Metaphorically and literally. The diversity of containers reflects the diversity of container lines: each line has containers with their own colour, name and sometimes – for those who care – a sleek logo. Yet, this coloristic variety hides a long-lasting inefficiency of the containerised supply chain. The time is […]
16 September 2016
The fatal bubble game of ports and shipping premium
It is fairly obvious that ships are not ports. Yet both are suffering from severe overcapacity. How did that happen and what is the cure? First, the shipping and the ports sector overestimated demand. Not surprising as they hire the same consultants to make the case for more ships and port extensions (consultants that have […]