13 October 2016
Shipping: the male chauvinist pig of global industries? premium
Difficult not to get distracted this week. What did he say, did he grope, who gave up on him and what is actually going on in today’s locker rooms? More fundamentally, is the simultaneous outrage and tacit acceptance of sexual assault banter part of a bigger story on current society? And, if so, what does […]
10 October 2016
Maritime transport: does the EU have a clue? premium
Two key documents on maritime transport in Europe in two weeks; and one question that emerges: does the EU know what it is doing, or is it just clueless? The first report is by the European Court of Auditors. Its title reads “In troubled waters“, a thinly concealed hint at the nature of recent EU […]
2 October 2016
Shipping’s carbon emissions: time for smart regionalism? premium
Global solutions for a global industry, is one of the standard phrases in the shipping representative’s phrase book. Easy enough. No particular understanding or inspiration is needed; whatever the situation or proposal, the answer can always be the same: the global nature of shipping requires intervention at the global level. Or, slightly differently: we need […]
21 September 2016
Container shipping: in need of a few shades of grey premium
Container transport is a colourful business. Metaphorically and literally. The diversity of containers reflects the diversity of container lines: each line has containers with their own colour, name and sometimes – for those who care – a sleek logo. Yet, this coloristic variety hides a long-lasting inefficiency of the containerised supply chain. The time is […]
16 September 2016
The fatal bubble game of ports and shipping premium
It is fairly obvious that ships are not ports. Yet both are suffering from severe overcapacity. How did that happen and what is the cure? First, the shipping and the ports sector overestimated demand. Not surprising as they hire the same consultants to make the case for more ships and port extensions (consultants that have […]
10 September 2016
Hanjin: the Lehman Brothers of the shipping sector? premium
The shipping bubble has burst. Hanjin, the large South Korean shipping firm, went bankrupt, fueling thousands of newspaper headlines about the profound crisis of the shipping sector. How will this story unfold? Will Hanjin’s fall have the same impacts for the shipping sector as Lehman’s Brothers’ had for the financial sector? At first sight, the […]
1 September 2016
What would Elon Musk think of the maritime industry? premium
What would Elon Musk think about my industry? That is a question that many CEOs might ponder on during their sleepless nights. Maritime CEOs most possibly have other worries – how to survive the next quarter for example, but in case they survive, might want to do themselves a favour and think about how disruptive […]
24 August 2016
The death of the middleman; and how it changes maritime transport premium
Information technologies are killing the middleman. We have more information than ever before; as a result we see the decline of intermediaries in many areas. Thanks to the Internet, we get access to pools of information that we can assess and compare, so we no longer need travel agents to book our flight tickets or […]
17 August 2016
Three reasons why global maritime trade will reach its peak premium
Maritime transport is driven by what people consume, where things are produced and the energy that is needed for all this. In all three areas, we might be reaching a peak: shipping could be confronted with peak consumption, peak trade and peak fossil fuels. Peak consumption We are experiencing a shift from ownership to usage. […]